Perri and Neil Launch New Album 'Then'

Perri and Neil  are really pleased to announce the launch of their debut album, ‘Then’, on 4th April 2012. Their music contains flavours from all manner of styles, including jazz, folk, salsa, R 'n' B, classical and progressive rock. The recording features some fabulous musicians: instrumentalists Joey Zeb (The Mighty

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Zeb/The Bulbs/The Corinthians and Gorp), Philipp Moll (Killerfernandez), Paul Riley (The Random Family) and Colin Lamont (Thomas Lang/Mark Lanegan) and vocalists Jennifer John, Kaya Herstad Carney, Ogo

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Perri and Neil will perform with their band at this launch event, along with support sets from Joanne Roberts, Jennifer John and Ogo Nzeakor. For more information and to request to attend, join the event facebook page at or email: