Frankenstein at the BBC

On Thursday 17th June 2010 a special musical performance of FRANKENSTEIN will be recorded live for BBC Radio Merseyside (98.5FM or ) to an audience of invited guests.  This recording will then be broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside for a special programme at 6pm on Sat 26th June as part of the Spencer Leigh Show ‘On the Beat’.

Neil Campbell’s FRANKENSTEIN is an electrifying classical rock composition inspired by the famous novel by buy amoxicillin without a prescription Mary Shelley and will feature Liverpool actor Gary Mavers as the voice of Doctor Frankenstein.  The composition has been scored to be performed by an expanded version of the Neil Campbell Collective, an ensemble which combines the

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energy and intensity of a rock band with classical instrumentation such as classical guitar, cello and operatic soprano Anne Taft.  It also features members of the Sense of Sound Choir.

The original version of Neil Campbell’s FRANKENSTEIN was performed at St. George’s Concert Room in November 2009. This will be an exclusive opportunity to hear the completed version prior to public performances, which are being programmed for late viagra canadian pharmacy 2010 and into 2011.